We have more than 7 years of experience with EU Regulations on cosmetic products. We can help you to ensure the compliance of your cosmetic products with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No.1223/2009.
If you need a safety assessment of your cosmetic product we can offer it. A safety assessment for your products will be carried out by a suitably qualified professional.
Our Safety Assessor has a diploma and a PhD in Pharmacy backed by a wealth of experience in formulation, stability testing, efficacy testing and safety assessment of different types of cosmetic products.
We can prepare Product Information Files for your cosmetic products.
We can advise you on the compliance of your cosmetic formulations with Regulation (EC) No.1223/2009.
Depend on your cosmetic formulations we can determine the tests required for your PIFs.
We can help you to meet the labeling requirements of your products properly and to confirm the regulatory compliance of your claims.
If you do not have, we could advice you how to prepare or even we could prepare for you the necessary documents to complete the PIF: description and/or diagram of the manufacturing process of the cosmetic product prepared according to the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GMP declaration, nanomaterials, CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or toxic for Reproduction) and animal testing declarations, theoretical proofs for claimed effects, PAO (Period After Opening) determination (theoretical) if it is stated on the product.
If you choose us, we could be your consultant and advise you at each step of placing your cosmetic product to the EU market or if you just need counseling about some specific questions, we could support you.
Our main goal is to assist you to place your cosmetic products onto the European Market.